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XP Black Screen

By mepalumbo ·
I've looked for similar post to no avail. Anyway my XP won't boot. I see the Windows XP start & then it goes to black screen & seems to die every time. I cannot get in to do any of the troublshooting i've read. I have the reinstallation CD but its not loading that either. No "F" buttons work. F12, F1, F anything...nothing. Thoughts?

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A couple of thoughts.

by Ron K. In reply to XP Black Screen

Maybe power supply death or heat buildup on the CPU. If you haven't jostled anything in the case to break the heatsink seal on the CPU I'd be looking at the power supply. I'd likely swap it out with a known good one.

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by IamL3G3ND In reply to A couple of thoughts.

u need to hook it up to an external monitor to make sure its not just the graphics card ( or built on media accelerator ) hook a vga monitor to it prior to boot and c what happens.

whats the make and model of the system?

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Graphics card

by mepalumbo In reply to troubleshoot

I thought about that but it starts to boot & i see the Windows XP logo start rolling & then i hear the system go quite. Someone mentioned power supply which i thought of as well and will try. Its an old Dell Dimension 4550

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I would look at both

by mafergus In reply to Graphics card

Those dells were known to have issues with the power supply. Some models were shipped with an underpowered unit. I would swap it first. I would also boot from another CD like ultimate boot cd or Barts PE boot CD and at least check for errors on the hard drive.

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RE: Graphics card

by IamL3G3ND In reply to Graphics card

The Simplest way to check if its a power issue ( an under power issue that is ) is to just pull the molex's on everything but the HD before boot.

( i.e. the DVD/CD, spare fan etc.. )

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Safe mode

by kevaburg In reply to Graphics card

If you can see the Windows logo then maybe you can boot into safe mode and deinstall the driver. It strikes me that although the card does work (after all it only goes dark after the logo screen appears) that maybe it is the driver causing the sudden death.

Good luck!

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