XP boot image file

By freddo_frog ·
I am trying to get my spare machine to boot from the main machine (both running XP Pro). Both are networked via a SMC router. When I set the spare to boot from LAN it connects to the DHCP server (the router) and then faults because it is looking for a boot file. I have scoured the net without sucess looking for info on creating/using this file. I would be very grateful if someone could either explain the process or provide links to the information (preferably a guide to setting up the network boot).


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by BALTHOR In reply to XP boot image file

I think that it has something to do with the way that the real BIOS is set.Not the Phoenix,Award,AMIBIOS or manufacturer's BIOS but the actual ROM BIOS in the BIOS chip that is there before any other BIOS files are recorded.The network card has to be fully working and I do not think that it works correctly until Windows is running.The boot file is on the hard drive and the network card has to find the C: drive to boot.If the REAL BIOS were set to its defaults then I think that everything would run fine.Computers were designed to network easily and this is done in the BIOS settings.

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Still not right

by freddo_frog In reply to SON OF A GUN WE'LL HAVE B ...

Thanks for your input but the network card is operational before Windows starts to load. It connects just fine to the DHCP server (router) and is assigned a network address. The problem is after all that it then looks for a boot image file and fails because it can't find one (and I haven't a clue how to make one).

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Thanks but....

by freddo_frog In reply to maybe this will help

Excellent little guide - thanks for that. Unfortunately it still doesn't address the method for doing it with XP (it uses Linux).

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This link too

by cyberjan In reply to XP boot image file

when I used PXE I used a program. I forgot which one...but here is a link to one which has a free trial


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