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    XP boot problem


    by naturale02 ·

    i reformat my pc recently, install application that i need to use. after i complete everything, i found out my computer take a long time to boot into windows, before this, my system boot time was ok.

    after the boot from BIOS, the monitor will load to windows xp logo bootup, at this point, the blue colour bar are running about 10-12 times before my screen become blank screen for a long time, then the windows blue colour “windows are starting up….” come up, this take another time for me to wait, finally i can get my desktop icon…. but the harddisk still running for a long time again and i found out that the taskbar was not appear immediately, it take a while to appear.

    The system will scan my floppy drive at the time windows blue colour welcome picture come up and when i shut down my computer, it neve happen before.

    Could anybody help me to resolve the boot time or the scanning problem.

    thannk you.

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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to XP boot problem

      What program did you install right before all of these things started happening?

      Run a check on the system with AdAware from Lavasoft.

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      Reply To: XP boot problem

      by michaeldlloyd ·

      In reply to XP boot problem

      When the system takes a long time to boot it is usually trying to get past a device driver problem. Check the Device Manager (right click “My Computer”, select Manage, Device Manager) and see if you have any device drivers listed with problems. Anything listed would be a good first place to attack the problem.

      Regardless of what the Device Manager sais, the problem is still likely to be a device driver-related problem.

      If you could obtain the latest drivers for your video card, imaging (scammer, camera, etc.) printer and other peripherals, as well as the latest systemboard chipset drivers this should resolve the problem. It may be necessary to first remove the old drivers in safe mode (F8 when system starts, select Safe Mode).

      The problem may also be caused by some operating system corruption (even in a new installation). Try installing the latest service pack. If you have already installed the latest service pack, you can download it (which will take forever) and reinstall it.

      If you need some help obtaining some of the drivers, service pack, or other stuff, e-mail with your specific hardware make and model numbers and I’ll send you some links.

      Hope it helps! Good luck.

      Michael Lloyd
      Computer Technician

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      Reply To: XP boot problem

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to XP boot problem

      do you have any external devices especially hard drives connected? try removing them to see if it affects things. the scanning of floppy sounds like you’ve installed norton anti-virus or similar and it is doing what it is supposed to. that also may explain the slowness if not related to failing hardware. sometimes out of the box norton’s or other will do a full system scan at boot up which slows boot up quite a bit and also will scan programs (exe) as they attempt to run which will really slow things down possibly. this will be documented along with recommended settings in the tech support section of the website of whomever made your anti-virus software

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      Reply To: XP boot problem

      by jonno112 ·

      In reply to XP boot problem

      This might be time consuming.

      Go to start > run and type msconfig

      click on startup and see whats there, you can take these programs off 1 at a time and eventually the computer will boot up at normal speed (unless there is more than one item), check what you last ticked and find out what program it is, then either remove it or stop it from loading up at the start.

      When you choose a selective startup it will remind you every login unless you tick the do not remind me button.

      Do you have digital camera software loading up?
      I have found this can be a real problem sometimes especially Kodak.

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      Reply To: XP boot problem

      by borginva ·

      In reply to XP boot problem

      Google the program “bootvis.” It is a pc boot performance tool. The site I have for it from M$ is invalid now but someone else should have it. It is free and will tell you in seconds every single thing booting.
      I find a common delay is in network cards.

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      Reply To: XP boot problem

      by naturale02 ·

      In reply to XP boot problem

      thanks for all yours advise…. i remember i had use Necrofile to clean my harddisk after a whole installation, is it related with Necrofile? i have Symantec corporate antivirus 9. No NIC card.
      No scanner or imaging software, no internet connection.

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