XP boot up problems after registry repair

By johnrussell ·
Hi. I am looking for help with what appears to be a self inflicted problem. I used a registry repair/clean-up app on my home pc and have not been able to boot up since. I created a restore point before the repair and was sure I could undo anything that might go wrong. It seems I was mistaken....I can't get the system to boot up so I can do a restore. I have tried "last known good config" and it hangs at the XP splash screen. I have tried booting in safe mode and it hangs part way through. I have tried using the recovery console and it hangs at the "starting windows" screen.
I would really appreciate any advice on how to get this system back up.(xp pro 64bit)

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Have you tried

by w2ktechman In reply to XP boot up problems after ...

inserting the XP CD and running a repair?

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by johnrussell In reply to Have you tried

Thanks for the quick response. And, yes, I have tried the XP CD. That is how I tried to start the recovery console, but it hangs.

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choose no for recovery console

by w2ktechman In reply to help
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Thanks again, but still nothing

by johnrussell In reply to choose no for recovery co ...

I guess I should have been a little more descriptive in my original post...When I boot to the XP CD, it never loads completely. It starts the process, and as I watch the status window along the bottom of the screen, it offers the F6 option to load 3rd party drivers (for SCSI/RAID setup), then offers the F2 option to start the ASR (automated system recovery - which I have tried and it asks for a floppy disk that I don't have), then it starts to load the files needed for windows set up (drivers/controllers/etc). After it has loaded the final file the status window says "Setup is Starting Windows" and it just sits there. I never actually get to the point where I can make a choice between setup, recovery, or repair.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks again, but still n ...

It sounds like a corrupt or dirty disk.
Anyway, to try to get to your fix go here

You can recover with the older saved reg. keys, and then try a system restore

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boot from cd....

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to XP boot up problems after ...

and choose set up windows,accept the liscence agreement and select r for repair and follow the instructions.Do not boot from cd after at any stage unless you are beginning a fresh install

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boot logon failure

by simone340 In reply to boot from cd....

my system will not allow me to boot from CD Rom to repair my system files
it stops at setup is starting windows and does nothing
My system failed to enter Windows and gave me the option of going into safe mode but the system as lost or currupted my win logon file which I know as i've experience this before

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