XP boots fully, but no video

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Hi, I currently deployed military and I?m having an issue with my personal desktop pc running XP. If you have time and are willing, I?m mainly looking for any other suggestions of what to try as I?ve tried all I know so far. Basically, the computer will boot up, but once past the XP boot screen the video goes away. You can tell it boots all the way up by some of the sounds it makes ? just no video. Tried removing the card, using only the onboard video with no luck. Removed the hard drive and installed it in another computer and it does the same thing. Also unable to boot XP in safe mode because it hangs up. Tried resetting the RAM, changing video settings in the BIOS ? no luck. I have the restore DVD but haven?t tried it yet. If I can just somehow copy some of the files I need off of the hard drive using it in another computer, then I?ll restore the system with the DVD once I get the files. That?s just beyond my scope right now. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance....

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Well there are several options here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP boots fully, but no vi ...

Though I'm at a loss as to why the system fails to start in Safe Mode.

The most likely thing to have happened is that the Video Settings have been altered in Windows which pushes the Video Refresh Rates above or below the Monitors display abilities. Normally you would start in Safe Mode and reset these there.

But you could try fitting a different monitor to see if the current monitor has developed a Heat Sensitive Failure. That could explain the system displaying up the the Windows Loading Splash Screen then going blank maybe even Safe Mode not starting.

As for getting your Data off the Drive provided you are not using EFS under XP or any other Encryption Took all you need do is fit the HDD to another computer as a Slave load the OS then using Explorer navigate tot he Slave Drive take ownership of the Files/Folders and do a straight copy to whatever you want.



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