xp can detect usb flash disks but not all

By rvdequiroz ·
i bought a 2gb usb flash disk (fd) to replace my very old 256mb fd. xp was able to detect the new one but i cant find it in my computer.
so, i checked device manager and found a yellow exclamation bang beside the fd. i tried to uninstall it then let xp find it again but it keeps on prompting for a found new hardware screen.
i tried my old fd on the same usb port and was detected. i tried the new fd to other xp machines and were able to found it. i borrowed my friend's working fd but my box can't detect it also.
is there something wrong with my xp? pls help.

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You can try to delete the USB Ports and then reboot

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to xp can detect usb flash ...

When the system restarts it should install the USB Drivers and maybe allow your Thumb Drive to work.

M$ also has a fix for problem USB Ports and tells you to power down and unplug the system for about 30 seconds then power up again and they should then work. I don't know what it does but it does work. Of course if you have a NB you need to remove the Battery Pack and Mains adaptor when you do this.


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It worked but...

by rvdequiroz In reply to You can try to delete the ...

it worked for my 2gb fd but when i tried my friend's fd, it does the same error. to end my dilemma, i reinstalled xp. maybe there's a system file problem. thanks for the suggestion. :)

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