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XP cannot distinguish FAT32 to NTFS, in some cases

By CrispusNevius ·
If you try to copy a File over 4GB from a NTFS to a FAT32. Most people know this you can't do. That's is normal.

What is not normal is the the error is Reported as a "No space available"- Then you remove some files, eventually everything. The message errors persists.

PLease ask Microsoft to display a Proper Message.

Windows is not an operating system. It just an old DOS System Control Program and always will be.

In the 80's both IBM and UNISYS rewrote their OS from scratch.They chnged the OS file sytem on thei mainframes and forced migrtion.

Gates, Balmer & Co, decided to keep compatibility with the past.

They should read some good books about "Histoty of Technologies"

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