XP can't read floppy created on another XP machine

By d1david ·
I build a complete brand new computer (GA-P55A/i5-750) (my 10th) I loaded XP-Pro(Sp2) and it can't read nor format a floppy. But the same floppy can be read and formatted on 3 other XP(SP2) machines. (Also tested 8 other discs to make sure its not the floppy discs themselves.)

I tried changing 10 cables plus 3 other known working Floppy Drives. The Floppy will format when I "boot-up" into a "Real- DOS" prompt, but not in WindowsXP, nor in Windows CMD.

Also, Windows will actually destroy the data on the Floppy. Some of the errors are: (1) Windows Cannot Copy Because of an
I/O Error". (2) The disc requires to be formatted (although it already was another XP machine). (3) Windows is Unable To Copy.

I can run the machine as an administrator but the same error occurs. I have uninstalled the drivers (Flpydisk.sys and
Fdc.sys) and let the machine reload them automatically upon reboot. No errors shown in the "Device Manager" "No errors in Services" "Nor in Computer Management"

I hope its not my new Gigabyte Board. It should't; it formats is Real Dos.
Never been so baffled, I hope someone can help.

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Perhaps you are missing a driver?

by seanferd In reply to XP can't read floppy crea ...

Particularly if it is a SATA system.

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While not exactly the same thing

by OH Smeg In reply to XP can't read floppy crea ...

I have noticed that all Gigabyte M'Boards from the 45 Chip Set up do not support more than 1 Floppy and this is supported by the Specifications on the Gigabyte Web Site.

Open the Device Management Window and make sure that you have actually all of the Drivers Installed. It has to be something to do with your setup as I have used the P55 Chip Set Boards without a problem and I always use Floppies.


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Gigabyte P55A Motherboard

by d1david In reply to While not exactly the sam ...

Thank you for your quick answer.
I only have 1 Floppy Drive, and 1 Floppy connector on the board. So it should be supported.
In the meantime I booted into Safe Mode, and in Safe Mode I can format all I want, read, write and whatever else.
I compared the Device Manager in XP versus Safe Mode and since I barely have anything loaded, the comparisons are the same with the exception the Video default is 800x600 in Safe mode. Changing to higher resolution
did not affect formatting a floppy.

I ran System Information and there are no conflicts. Neither are there in the dev manager.

For me this is the most baffling problem I've ever encountered. Any and all help much appreciated.

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Floppy Disk error

by d1david In reply to Gigabyte P55A Motherboard

I like to add I just got done loading a brand new WinXP (SP2) on clean formatted drive.
I did not load anything, nor change anything.
I added a brand new Cable and the 4th trial Floppy Drive. Well a Floppy still can't be formatted. Would that point to the motherboard as being defective ?

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Not necessarily but it doesn't help.

by OH Smeg In reply to Floppy Disk error

Do you have a Floppy Boot Disc? If so set the BIOS to boot from the Floppy First and then see if you can boot from a floppy.

If you can the M'Board is OK.

It really sounds as if there is something installed here which is conflicting with the Floppy as you can use it in Safe Mode but not with a Normal Boot.

So basically here what have you actually installed after installing Windows? I only use the Gigabyte Device Driver CD to load Device Drivers like Sound which you have to before logging onto the Windows Update Servers anyway. But I never install any of the Gigabyte Utilities that come on that Disc. They could be the problem here if the unit boots off a Boot Floppy.


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Problem Solved

by d1david In reply to Not necessarily but it do ...

Thanks guys for your suggestions.

The cause was an address conflict. The lesson here I've learned is "never" to install all the hardware at once and then load the new Operating System. (OS)

Install only the basic mobby, Vid, and Sound, then load the OS. Add the add-on cards after an OS runs smooth, then if there is a problem one can see where the problem lies immediately.
I replaced the defective PCI card with another and the problem was solved.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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I could have told you that

by OH Smeg In reply to Problem Solved

If I had of known, that's what you had done.

It's painful when it happens though.


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Grain of Salt

by d1david In reply to I could have told you tha ...

OH Smeg I hope you being knowledgeable in computers took my advice with a grain of salt.
My comment was primarily meant to address those who lack experience in building a PC.
(What to look out for)

There is nothing wrong in general of installing all hardware at once, although it can come back & bite you as it did in this case.
I have never experienced a "Floppy error" in all my 30+ computers I've built. It takes me a bit less than 2 hours to build a PC and that includes 40 minutes to load XP-Pro. (Actually loading XP-Pro and its drivers can be done in less than 15 minutes if one chooses to go that path or 5 minutes without drivers. ) It is rare to run into an address conflict when hardware is reasonably new.

Anyways, even though it can be frustrating at times, one learns and then it's satisfying when one overcomes the challenge.

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Actually that's the best way to learn

by OH Smeg In reply to I could have told you tha ...

Mainly because you don't forget it. :^0

I'll not mention some of the issues that I've run into with the newer Hardware particularly the 55 Chip Set M'Boards and Sound Cards. But suffice to say unless you need a special Sound Card it's better to use the Realtech On Board Sound.


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RMA the drive!

by ggrimes In reply to XP can't read floppy crea ...

David back with Floppy Drives cost more than a hundred dollars the heads were designed with higher quality specs. What you have here is a drive where the heads are misaligned and off spec. Just RMA the drive. I try to select drives from known quality manufactures but even then I get one like you have and have to send it back. Just can't make bad hardware work.

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