XP clock problem

By wotnot ·
The system clock on my XP home edition is running erratically. I am using a Toshiba core duo laptop and this is not a battery problem. I cannot determine a particular occurrence (software load/upgrade/update etc) at the time of this error. The clock never seems to complete a day and therefor appears to continuously loop around during a 24 hr period without ever making it to the next day. Can you help, please.

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Also XP clock problem

by random_sky In reply to XP clock problem

I'm having very similar problem. Toshiba M100 / Core duo 1.86 GHz / Win XP SP2. System clock seems to advance for one or two hours and then drop back again and then keeps looping that way. Clock never advances to the next day. Tried upgrading bios. Computer was less than 6 months old when this started and there were no error messages on startup - so unlikely to be rtc battery. Anyone have any ideas??

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XP clock problem - just resolved

by wotnot In reply to Also XP clock problem

When I checked the Bios I found that the time was not altering from the last time it was reset. (i.e I changed the time in XP but unless I changed it again or an auto time sync worked the bios clock remained at exactly the time it was last set!!). I have literally just resolved this: I ran a Linux live CD to see if the situation remained the same in Linux. I set the clock as part of the set up process but once the system had booted up the clock was wrong. I reset the clock manually within the Linux system. Once I finished the session and rebooted back into XP the problem was resolved. My Bios clock has been ticking away merrily for 4 days now and all is well again. The Linux version was PC Linux and came free on the front of a recent magazine. Good luck, I hope this works for you.

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