XP connecting to Windows 2000 Server

By geraldine.tobin ·
We have a windows 2003 domain within a WAN and have 4 Windows 2000 servers in different locations. Within these locations are Windows 2000 clients. We have recently installed XP clients and find that the XP Clients keep losing connectivity to the windows 2000 server which is located in their on LAN but connect fine to the other servers across the router. All the 2000 machines do not lose connectivity so its not a network problem. any ideas as this is stopping us moving our clients to XP

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Windows2k Domain?

by trandall In reply to XP connecting to Windows ...

Do you mean to say its a Win2k domain environment, not Win'03...? You might be able to run one of XP's wizards to have it auto detect your local LAN settings...not sure, haven't done it myself...

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Similar problem mostly solved

by griffonjames In reply to Windows2k Domain?

We have a Windows 2003 server environment and had similar problems getting our XP clients to see shared directories on other clients and on the server. Seems to be related to a limitation in XP Home version of Windows. Other network managers tell me we should have purchased XP Professional for the client computers. For now, we install Network Magic on the computers that exhibit problems. It solves 95% of the problems, leaving us with only occasionally having to remap a shared folder on a client that spontaneously stops seeing the remote folder.

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Similar situations

by hifabby In reply to Similar problem mostly so ...

I recently installed W2K Server, installed domain controller plus DNS integrated with AD.

We have a XP client that was upgraded to Pro, and can't seem to connect to the domain. But I'm able to connect to the server without a problem.

I wonder if its compatibility issue?

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Similar Problem

by steven.peonio In reply to Similar problem mostly so ...

I had a similar problem with my home network. I had 4 XP Home (XPh) boxes between the two offices. They are all on the same network. I have an old W2K box that functions as a print/file server. The XPh boxes could see the shares (folders & printers) but not connect to them.

The solution was to create an account on the W2K box that was identical to each XPh logon. (i.e. If an XPh box had a logon of computer1 with a password of doorway, I created an account on the W2K box of computer1 with a password of doorway).

Each account needed to be granted the specific permissions I wanted each computer to have but this was simplified by creating groups).

The catch is, if the password on the XPh box changes, the password for that same account on the W2K box must change also.

It's not elegant, but it works well without having to resort to a third party application.

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Problem was

by hifabby In reply to Similar Problem

I was able to login into the domain, made sure the microsoft client network was installed, added name suffix with my domain, then switch from workgroup to domain and baaam!

Got in....

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