XP Controlled by another program...cannot boot to windows

By rvndoc ·
We downloade a business program and every time it boots up it goes to that program asking for a password. We have tried all types of passwords, but have no idea what was entered.
Now that it controls the computer, we cannot get it to reboot in safe mode, setup, or anything. Is there a way to override this program and go to safe mode to make corrections?
Tried putting in an XP Pro Disk, but it will not boot from the CD. Any suggestions?

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couple of approaches

by dryflies In reply to XP Controlled by another ...

First go to where you downloaded the program and see if they know the password or how to get past it. if that does not work, Go to your BIOS screen and change the boot settings to boot from the CD before the HD. Then you should be able to access your HD using a system on a cd such as the ubuntu Linux CD. Mount your HD as a file system and investigate/make corrections as needed.
Alternatively, if you are on a domain and that computer is a member of the domain, especially a win2k3 domain, you can force the system to allow remote administration though group policy. connect to the machine's registry and identify the offending program in the "run" key. remove it from that key.

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XP controlled by another program

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to XP Controlled by another ...

If this is NOT a malicious program, you can press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and select TASK MANAGER, click on the APPLICATIONS TAB, click on NEW TASK, then type MSCONFIG. In Msconfig, click on the STARTUP tab, and UNCHECK the offending startup item(s), then click OK. Let the computer restart, and (hopefully) the problem will be fixed. Tell Msconfig NOT to startup on next reboot.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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Re: cannot boot to windows

Safety first.
1)Get another computer and make a backup
2)With the other computer you will be able to access the harddrive(s) through the cable.
3)delete the program file
4)go into bios and change the "boot" properties from harddrive to "fist boot" cd/dvd drive.
You should now have full access.
Hope this works for you.

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