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How do I change the desktop size in XP? My XP desktop is wider than the visible screen on my new iiyama LCD monitor. It is clearly intended behaviour as the screen scrolls when the mouse pointer approaches either edge. I have set the horizontal size correctly. I have set the graphics card output to the native panel resolution and the frequencies are in spec. The drivers are fine. There are several similar questions on the web - but no answers! None of my desktop experts can help - and neither can microsoft. Yet another undocumented feature of XP.
All help appreciated.

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Well here there are several options

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP desktop > visible disp ...

IF you change Screen Resolutions you have to then change the Monitor Settings.

When you get the Desktop scrolling off the screen the Screen Resolution is either set incorrectly for the Monitor like in a NB or you need to use the Monitors Screen Settings to alter the Image on the screen. Quite often when you change Screen Resolutions you need to alter the Monitor Settings to either make the Image Bigger to fill the screen or smaller so it doesn't go off the edges of the screen.


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