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    XP dial up issues


    by turtle63 ·

    I work at a pc comapny and we have had a lot of problems with dynalink modems and not connecting very well etc so we had to slow them down,that worked ok, then we replaced with a different brand which works ok, this is not the problem tho, I have had a couple of systems now where the modenm will not dial out at all, even after replacing and adjusting different settings, this happened only after they had been in the systems for a couple of months, tried an external modem on one and dials fine every time.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Especially as they worked fine for several months.

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      Possibly related

      by gjohnson ·

      In reply to XP dial up issues

      I just spent 2 weeks trying to figure out one that would lock up as soon as the modem connected to the ISP and the userid and password were verified. It had been working for over 6 months and suddenly quit.
      Solution was to put a LAN card in it, connect it to my cable modem and install all Winxp updates. Especially new modem drivers.

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