XP Disk Management

By andrewrogers2 ·
Recently found the C: drive entry in Disk Management is blank. Omly shows CD-ROM 0 below empty window. Now I can't Defrag the disk or Scan For errors.
How can this happen?
Can this entry be recovered?

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The space is there?

by Kenone In reply to XP Disk Management

But it's blank?
On the left in the grey box does it say Disk 0 Online? To the right of that what does it say?

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No Dsik 0 Online

by andrewrogers2 In reply to The space is there?

Sorry I have not responded before now!
The white box in Disk Management whuch (I know) used to show the drive volume (C:), layout etc is blank & the first grey box below it shows only CD-ROM 0 (No Media).
The disk boots XP and is working perfectly normally. It shows as WDC WD880JD-60LUA0 in Device Manager/Disk drives and Windows Explorer shows all its contents & size perfectly.
I think the absense of the device info in the white window is the reason I can't defrag or scan the disk for errors, so that is why I want to know if the info can be recovered.
Many thanks for your help,

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Have a read at this: ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No Dsik 0 Online


The answer sums up rather concisely, what it would have taken me all day to say.

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