XP does not boot

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On a dell xps m1330 originally with vista I installed xp into the vista partition. Now I went back and deleted the dell restore partition and the computer does not boot (shows "No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2...,etc" after POST). Booting off the xp cd I ran both fixboot and fixmbr but it still does not boot. Is there any other way to make the computer boot short of a complete reformat?

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"Now I went back... ??!! ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP does not boot

What does that mean ?

Why would you delete the restore partition?
What did you use to delete it?

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This has a SATA HDD in it and XP doesn't Natively support SATA

by OH Smeg In reply to XP does not boot

So you need to include the SATA Driver in XP and reinstall XP.

When the first Blue screen appears press the F6 Key and wait till you are prompted then insert a Floppy into the A Drive a with the SATA Driver copied to it's Root and press Enter.

Yep I know no good for you here as you don't have a Floppy Drive so you need to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc and include the SATA Driver.

There are a couple of way to proceed here the first is to follow the directions here to make your Slipstreamed Install Disc

Download this TR Article and follow the directions

Both of the above are the same TR Article or you can use a product like nLite to do the same thing.

If you chose to use nLite make sure that you read the directions for its use located here

OH just in case I didn't explain it well enough if you deleted the Recovery Partition after Installing XP you will need to reinstall XP again as the Recovery Partition is the Primary Boot Partition of the HDD and when you deleted it you deleted the Base XP install Files that tell the hardware where to look for the Windows Files. :)


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The disk is slipstreamed

by user60442762 In reply to This has a SATA HDD in it ...

The disk is slipstreamed with the SATA driver.
The deleted partition (D:\) did not contain any XP files, it help the restore image for vista; XP was installed on the Primary partition (C:\) and replaced the vista install not the recovery image.

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No you are mistaken here

by OH Smeg In reply to The disk is slipstreamed

The Recovery Image is a FAT32 Type Partition and is always the Primary Boot Option for the Computer. However as this is at the Hardware Level not the Software you will not have seen any of the Primary Boot Files listed. These are the very basic files that tell the Hardware where to look for the Programs to start loading the OS.

If this was in DOS they would be the AutoExe Type Files.

I repeat if you deleted the Recovery Partition after Loading Windows you have deleted the basic Files required to start off the Booting process. You need to reinstall the OS to allow this computer to work again but if you then make changes to the Recovery Partition again you will adversely affect the Basic Windows Boot Files and need to reload the system again.

With every Windows install there are some files that you Can Not see which are Critical to the operation of the computer.

Here you would probably be safer to wipe the HDD and reinstall Windows to the Entire HDD to prevent this happening again.


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Did you delete

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP does not boot

the Primary Partition that held Vista and then recreated it before installing XP. If you did try a Repair Install of XP.

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Try this for a start

by Jacky Howe In reply to Did you delete

Boot from your XP CD and press the first R to enter the Recovery Console.
At the recovery command prompt type in these command pressing the Enter key after each one.
select disk 0
select partition 1
Now type
EXIT to exit the diskpart session
Restart the PC with the XP CD removed.

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by user60442762 In reply to Try this for a start

The partition was not marked as active.
I booted off a linux live cd and ran cfdisk and set the partition active because diskpart in the xp recovery console seems to only allow you to create and delete partitions. Ran fixmbr and fixboot again and now it works.

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That is what I thought

by Jacky Howe In reply to fixed

it just needed to be marked as Active. I don't quite understand why diskpart didn't work but glad to see that you are up and running.

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