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XP Domain - Slow First Logon

By haldouglas ·
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for reducing the time taken for a users first logon. We're a school running a 2k3 domain with Windows XP clients. A while ago we ditched roaming profiles due to a number of problems with them, especially over wireless. But because our users move between machines heavily, and the machines are re-imaged regularly that means that every logon is basically a first logon for them. And a first logon takes about 2-3 minutes. Teachers are very sensitive to time lost out of their 45 minute lessons, so if I can find a way of making logons quicker, they'd be quite happy.

I presume the reason this is slow is because the user profile is being created from the default user profile on the machine. Do I need to look at what's in the default user profile maybe?


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Have you considerd using Mandatory Profiles

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP Domain - Slow First Lo ...

Create a mandatory user profile

How to assign a mandatory user profile in Windows XP

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RE: Have you considerd using Mandatory Profiles

by haldouglas In reply to Have you considerd using ...

Thanks for that.

Yes I have considered it, but I couldn't really find anything to suggest it would speed up the process. Do you have any evidence of this yourself?

The other thing that concerns me with Mandatory Profiles is the way they're created by using an existing local profile and then applying that to all of your users. This seems like a dangerous thing, given that a local profile chosen from one machine to be your mandatory profile may not apply well to other machines with different hardware/software combinations. In fact I think the link in your post confirms this when it states:

"Mandatory profile use, although permitted, is less manageable and more prone to create administration problems, thus it is not recommended"

Based on that advice, I think mandatory profiles are out of the question.

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Couple of thoughts

by IC-IT In reply to RE: Have you considerd us ...

Is it necessary for all computers to require a unique user logon or could some be set for a generic logon configured for a specific class i.e. english101 (user) etc?

Or look at using a script to delete any (except the local admins group) profiles after xx days of non use.

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lock local profiles

by Jay217 In reply to Couple of thoughts

Lock the local profiles, just create a shortcut to their documents on the server for all the students.

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Locking local profiles

by haldouglas In reply to lock local profiles


I'm not sure I follow what you mena by "locking" local user profiles? Can you explain further?

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Generic user logons.

by haldouglas In reply to Couple of thoughts

Sorry bwilmot, but individual user logons are a requirement.

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Your call

by Jacky Howe In reply to RE: Have you considerd us ...

When I worked for Ed QLD we used mandatory profiles but they were setup slightly different. We also had what is known as a (SOE) Standard Operating Environment. Each System had the same Software installed. A Teacher could move a class to another room if there was a problem with the original and Students could keep working. I must admit that I prefer Roaming Profiles but when you are governed as to what you can do you go along with it. You must have problems with your Wireless setup if you are having problems logging on.

To create a mandatory profile. Create a folder on the file server in your profile folder called ProfNT.Man

Create a standard user account on the file server. This is your template. You could call it Prep or Root. Point it to the ProfNT.Man folder for the profile.

Logon to a workstation as the new user and set it up as you want it for your users. When you are happy with what you want log off and then log back on to double check.

Log off and go to the file server.

1. On the server ,Start "regedt32".

2. From the "Window' menu choose "HKEY_USERS".

3. Next, select"Registry" from the menu and then "Load Hive".

4. Browse and select the ntuser.dat from the folder called ProfNT.Man.

5. Enter "suser" as the name for the key.

6. Highlight "suser" in the pane on the left.

7. From the "Security" menu choose"Permissions".

8. Give "Everyone" Full Control and tick "REplace Permissions on Existing Subkeys".

9. Click OK.

10. Once completed, ensure "suser" is highlighted and choose "Unload Hive" from the "REgistry Menu".

Close regedt32.

Navigate to the ProfNT.Man folder and rename ntuser.dat to

Direct your new users to the ProfNT.Man folder for their profiles.

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