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XP drive share issues

By stan ·
Thank You for taking the time to look at my discussion. I am running XP pro on a P4 1.7Ghz, 40 GB drive, NTFS, 2 nics (cable modem host). The PC shares out the itnernet connection to other pc's on the network. Everything runs fine, except my drive sharing. I can share the drive and everyone can acess it. I can switch to classic sharing and assign permissions and everything works great. Until I reboot. Once I reboot, the drive share icon is there, but the sharing is not enabled (if I am in simple drive share mode). If I am using classic drive share, everything is setup, the permissions and the groups are all in place. The ACL is there and everything. But no one can acess the drive no matter if it is classic or simple drive sharing. In order for people to see my drive contents, I have to go back to simple drive sharing, if that's not the mode I am in, and then remove the share and redo EVERYTHING. Do you have any idea what it can possibly be?

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Check the firewall service

by Kizbit In reply to XP drive share issues

Make sure that XP's new built-in firewall service is not causing your internal shares to be giving you these troubles. Also you may consider a router instead of using your machine to route to the cablemodem. I'm using a D-link that works beautifullyand is fairly inexpensive at around $150.00. It is worth the saved headaches and a much better solution for NAT.

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