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    Xp Driver signing Error


    by vjsh ·

    In my pc (Win xp sp2)I got installed all drivers and was working fine. After some( not sure which are) windows updates, some problem with lan card started. so i unistalled the lan card from device manager. when i reinstalled the driver from the original mbd manufacturer cd, it shows the driver is not digitally singed, are u sure to continue the installation. The same driver installed in another pc of same config and OS.

    I continued the installation by disabling the dirver signing options.

    What goes wrong on my pc ?
    Also i am not able to uninstall the IE8 installed through automatic update. system restore is a way to solve this. is there is another way to uninstall iE8 ?
    is both problems are co related…

    Any commend on this is appreciated.

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