XP drivers for SATA

By roy ·
Installed a new SATA hard drive in a clients computer. OS is XP on an Intel board.

Bios recognizes the drive and is shown in the device manager with generic Microsoft driver.
It is not shown under My Computer or in Disk Management.

Microsoft, Intel, drive manufacturer and computer manufacturer have been useless regarding the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

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check the sata mode for that channel in bios

by computechdan In reply to XP drivers for SATA

perhaps it's set to raid or sumtin else

assumin this is an extra drive, u prolly wanna have it set on ide mode

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Try rescanning for it

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP drivers for SATA

after checking the BIOS.

To troubleshoot this issue, restart the computer or rescan the disk to try and return the disk to Online status. To rescan the disk, open Computer Management, and then click Disk Management. On the Action menu, click Rescan Disks.

For a complete list of disk and volume status descriptions and troubleshooting procedures, see Disk Management Help. In the Disk Management snap-in or Computer Management window, click Help on the Action menu.

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This all depends on the M'Board here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP drivers for SATA

But for Single SATA Drives that are not in a RAID you need to set them as IDE in the BIOS.

If the BIOS is correctly identifying the Drive and it is listed as something like third IDE Chanel then you need to install the SATA Driver for that M'Board in Windows before Windows can correctly see the HDD.

I think that the listing in Device Manager is just a furfy to confuse you here and Windows has screwed up.


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Thanks.......and still looking

by roy In reply to XP drivers for SATA

Thanks for the input folks.

First time I have had a problem recognizing a drive after setting the bios.

The drive is listed in bios as being at SATA 1 (of 4). Drive C: is IDE.
Don't see the RAID/IDE option in this bios though I looked for it.

Have rescanned several times.

The MB is Intel D102GGC2. OEM for Gateway.

Anyhow I am still looking for a workaround.

In addition I am looking for The set of MB drivers for Intel D945GCFG1. Gateway posts drivers for Vista but not XP.
And they do NOT accept any communication other than warrantee support.
Intel says they do not post drivers for it because it is OEM (though most OEM boards from them have drivers posted. I have replaced a lot of Gateway/eMachines boards and have never been unable to find specific drivers)

So I have 2 baffling problems. May just get a different board for the second problem.

Thanks again

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You should be able to find the Intel drivers ....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks.......and still lo ...

... from the Intel web site, even if it is an OEM board.

And, if all else fails... try http://www.driversguide.com

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That is a 945 Chip Set M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks.......and still lo ...

Any Intel Drivers for another Intel Supported 945 M'Board should work for this one.

You could also try here


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XP drivers for SATA

by azharalibuttar In reply to XP drivers for SATA

You can change the mode from system BIOS. Just switch AHCI to ATA. I hope this will work for you.

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