XP encryption Keys for Vista

By Rusty7 ·
My friend reloaded his computer and he had some files that he encrypted in XP along with the encryption keys and was wondering if there is some kinda of way to allow those encrypted keys work on a Vista machine.

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If he saved the backup for the key file he can

by wanttocancel In reply to XP encryption Keys for Vi ...

If your friend saved the backup of the key file he could unlock the files but if he didn't then he's outta luck. And I know this from experience.

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Other Ways

by mamies In reply to If he saved the backup fo ...

There are other ways of getting into an encrypted file but as you probably know that this site does not hand out information on how to break passwords or hack systems. I agree with what is posted above.

If your looking to hack something please look on another site

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by Rusty7 In reply to If he saved the backup fo ...

well i sent him the post but he said he'll look at another site if he needs to crack it.

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What were they encrypted with?

by The Scummy One In reply to XP encryption Keys for Vi ...

if EFS, then Vista can use it. If another program, you would have to check with that programs vendor/manufacturer.


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No it's not possible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP encryption Keys for Vi ...

What needs to happen here is to find a computer loaded with XP Pro and then move the Encryption Kay to that unencrypt the Files and transfer them without Encryption to the Vista System then encrypt them on the Vista System

The Encryption Methods used in the different versions of Windows are completely different and are not compatible with each other.

However if some form of Third Party Encryption Program was used then all that is required is to fins a Vista Compatible Copy of that Application and install it on the Vista Computer then import the Encryption Key.


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