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XP File Explorer hangs on right click

By qprint ·
Our printing/graphics business's three computers running XP Professional have developed a rather peculiar problem. When we open Windows Explorer and attempt to right click in the window (to copy, delete, make a new folder, et cetera) the program freezes. No error message pops up, and all we can do is ctrl-alt-delete and close the offending explorer window. The same thing happens if we attempt to click "file" on the task bar. We are resorting to desperate measures as we are in the middle of designing large football yearbooks and cannot transfer files simply to the hard drive. We're having to make new folders by going into the "save as" dialog box in a program and clicking the "new folder" button, and copying by selecting files and clicking on "edit", then "copy to folder".

This problem DID NOT START until we installed all the recommended Windows Update files as suggested due to the threat of the Blaster virus. Has anyone else seen this problem, and how might we fix it? We will be very thankful to receive a response - thank you in advance.

~Laura Adkins
Graphic Design/Network Administrator
Laipply's Quickprint & Graphics

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by qprint In reply to XP File Explorer hangs on ...

On further testing, right click works though it is somewhat slow. Clicking "FILE" is what locks up Explorer. Maybe that can help someone have an idea of what could be wrong?

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by pgm554 In reply to XP File Explorer hangs on ...

If you believe it to be the patch ,remove it and see if the slowness goes away.
It sounds as if the system is all ready infected.
Disconnect from the internet and reboot.
You need to run the virus scan update and see if it finds something.

If you want to save yourself the hassle of these issues ,put up a firewall.

Sygate has a free personel one(ya' gotta register it,but it is free and works well)


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