xp freezes at login after installing memory

By kstephens ·
I installed 2 1G sticks of ram to my computer today and it freezes and has flashing rectangles at the login screen, but boots fine in safe mode. any thoughts?

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I would suggest running Memtest86

by SKDTech In reply to xp freezes at login after ...

If it happened immediately after installing new RAM the my first inclination would be to suspecy a bad stick, it happens.

A couple of things to try,

1) reopen your case and make sure everything is firmly seated and plugged in, try to boot.
2) remove the new memory one stick at a time and try to boot again.
3) Try going into the BIOS and having it run a check of the system memory, it may not have properly registered the expanded memory.
4) All of this is assuming you purchased the right spec memory and that your mobo supports 2 GB, some older mobos will not support 2 GB(some will with a BIOS update, not for the faint of heart) and if your mobo calls for a faster memory than you purchased I could see that causing problems as well.

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Did you enter the BIOS

by Jacky Howe In reply to xp freezes at login after ...

to see if it was being detected properly and save the settings on exit?

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Try more steps

by power zhu In reply to xp freezes at login after ...

1. check whether the memory frequency are the same;
2. check whether you plug the memory properly;
3. get into bios, restore to default setting;
4. if it is the same, plug out other device attached and try again

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I had the same thing

by dpalsen In reply to xp freezes at login after ...

Ended up being a bad memory stick. Ironically, memtest86+ reported both sticks as good, but the system wouldn't boot to either Linux or Windows with the one stick installed. I have it in for RMA now.

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