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XP freezes when I go to the net!

By CVN70_IT2 ·
I have a HP Pavillion 533w with 2.0 GHz and 256 MB. I recently got Verizon DSL, and since I installed it, I've had nothing but problems. I have since removed the software, but my computer still freezes anytime I connect to the net, and I have to turn it off and then on again to use it. It could be five minutes into my session, or 55 minutes in. Anytime I use any software that connects to the internet, I have the same problem. I have done a system restore through XP, and two versions of the HP restore (regular and with quick format), to no avail. I've done Virus scans, spyware eliminations, event log error reporting, defragged my HD, you name it, nothing worked. I never had this problem with dial-up. I connect to the net via my NIC to a small 4-port Uniden router that my brother is connected to as well (with no problems). From there, it goes to a DSL modem, which connects me to the outside. I think this may be a driver issue with the NIC, and I'm still checking it out. HELP! Lots of points for this one!!

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by Chris910 In reply to XP freezes when I go to t ...

Browse to locate the tests section and run the Tweek Tests this and the information they provide should help you out.

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by CVN70_IT2 In reply to

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by glenn In reply to XP freezes when I go to t ...

A few suggestions:

1. Try removing the entire NIC from the system and then reinstall.

2. Are you using DCHP from the router ? if so try to set up statically ...

3. remove the NIC and try a USB Ethernet device - if this works then it is a hardware issue - if not then it is most likely a software issue -

all else fails - contact us glenn at pc-repairs dot com

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by an_it_guy In reply to XP freezes when I go to t ...

Apply XP service pack, get the recent one from microsoft site and update. see if this rectifies the problem.
cheers. servicepacks/sp1/default.asp

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by wlbowers In reply to XP freezes when I go to t ...

Switch the ports on the hub with your brothers computer and see if it does it again.


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