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XP froze

By stoegerster ·
While loading an anti virus my computer froze. It goes to Windows XP, opens to welcome, when I click on the sign in window it says loading your settings, then freezes. I tried putting the XP boot disc in but it won't run. I've tried restore and get the NTDLR is missing push any key to restart, it won't restart. Any ideas?

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Try pressing the F8 key

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP froze

Between the First screen and the Windows Splash Screen and selecting Boot In Last Known Good Configuration.

If it's just a bad install of an AV Product this may cure the problem. You can actually push & Hold Down the F8 till after you hear the internal speaker going nuts.

If this doesn't work you may get away with recovering from a Corrupt Registry by following the directions here

If that doesn't work lets know and I'll give you directions to perform a install that will save your data but require all your software to be installed as well as any Service Packs and Patches.


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More Help Needed

by stoegerster In reply to Try pressing the F8 key

I get it to open the Bios page with the F8. I then tried the good configure but that didn't work. I went to the safe mode w/ command prompt. I type in setup.exe. \> setup.exe
I clicked Install windows XP. (setup can't continue because the version on computer is newer. When I browse the CD (can not find /idlist,:1784:1412,D. Anyway some how ? it does open in safe mode where I can perform functions. But when I turn off or restart the computer again it will not boot. I think the last try was the Directory Services Restore. I have to admit I don't know exactly what I am doing. Will an install work? I don't care if I have to start over at this point I just want it to boot on it's own. Thanks. Specifics would be good.

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OK as you can get it running in Safe Mode

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More Help Needed

Open the Control Panel and remove the AV Program that you installed.

Then attempt to reboot and see if it will then run normally.

If it does you'll need a copy of Crap Cleaner or it's sometimes called C Cleaner available from here

which will remove every trace of what you installed and maybe allow it to work properly again. Only trouble it will also destroy your entire Internet Browsing History which many people want to do anyway and it will make more room available of your HDD.

If the system restarts normally after cleaning run Defrag and make sure that everything is working correctly and then add a different AV Program Avast

Install this and update as necessary and that should have things working properly again though you may have to perform the C Cleaner scans in Safe Mode to remove all the hooks that are inserted into Windows by the removed software.

If you had installed a Symantec Product there is a Kill Norton Program available on the Symantec Web Site to make sure that the entire program which failed to install properly is killed off and stops causing you problems.


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Look here

by theoutlawtorn70 In reply to XP froze

Ciao dude, go here:

look at the list of tools on that Cd, I think there are some which could be very useful for you, the cd is All In One bootable, that means that you can boot your pc with it and use any tool independently from your windows install.
Try to download it, I know, as far as your pc is out, try to ask somebody to download it for you and try it.
My personal opinion is that you will have to format your hdd and install fresh new Xp....

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