xp goes black after splash screen

By tazzyboy42 ·
It does it in safe mode too. Right after the xp splash screen all thats left is black screen and the mouse cursor that still works.
I tried all the check disk from the recovery council and last good configuration. I even tried a restore from backup from a run from disk program I have.
The odd part is Ive been seeing quite a few like this come in for repairs. I normally just wipe them and reinstall but they want to keep there data on this dell laptop.

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Well if it's a XP Home you can do a Repair Install

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to xp goes black after splas ...

Or I would be pulling the HDD fitting it to a USB Caddy and making a copy of their data then wipe the drive and reload.

After this is finished you can copy their data back to the HDD.


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Reinstall the O/S and install the antivirus

by kishoremcsa In reply to xp goes black after splas ...

I hope the maximum trouble is with the operating system. So reinstall the operating system and install the latest version of AVG antivirus with updates and run the complete scan of the computer so that no virus in other drives attach the o/s drive.

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Black Screen - MS update cause?

by pcnuts In reply to xp goes black after splas ...

When did this happen?- I've got the same problem on a clients PC. Repair won't work- copying Restore entries won't, VGA mode won't. I don't have the answer yet but suspect a MS update - this one happened 9/5/07 - same time of automatic update. Does it have updates set to Auto? When did it (bsod) happen? Does it have SP2? Does it have Nvidia video card/drivers?

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I have the same problem!

by jedkoy214 In reply to xp goes black after splas ...

I have exactly the same problem as you, and I have Windows XP Professional...I don't know what happened...I didn't download or install anything...right now I'm just using Safe Mode to reply on this. I'm hoping to see someone reply here so that we can fix this problem. Our only difference is that I have a desktop and I don't have any files from other people with the same problem here and that mine runs good on Safe Mode.
BTW When I run my Norton WinDoctor there are 83 missing program files and 1 more missing has already been like that since about a year...maybe it's because of automatic updates that I have those missing program files...anyways, i hope we can resolve this problem immediately

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by privypaw In reply to xp goes black after splas ...

go to regedit: HKey_users\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Digest
 Delete the Hosts sub key and Reboot
 Upon Reboot go back into the key and go to security permissions for just that hosts key (it will be recreated)
 Select the ?System? and click on Deny in Full Control and read access (this prevents the system from writing hundreds/thousands of erroneous entries

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