XP hangs after 2-3 minutes of booting/during high activities

By Joaowee ·
My Windows XP SP2 tends to hang a few minutes after booting - i.e. while AVG and ATI CCC are still loading. It seems that hanging occurs mostly when there's high level of activities/CPU processing going on. For example it tends to work fine while playing movies using DVD player. But if i play some videos via online streaming it will hang frequently. I did clean the fans and heatsinks and dont think its due to heating problem. I did initially suspect HDD related errors but the HDD works fine in other PC - no bad sectors also. Really appreciate any pointers to resolve this.



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You probably need to cleanup your startup

by ComputerCookie In reply to XP hangs after 2-3 minute ...

programs, you can use Windows Defender (if you don't currently have it installed don't)or CCleaner to do this by application, however if you know what you're doing you can use MSCONFIG.

The aim is to stop all applications from starting when the computer starts; e.g. Printers, Mobile Phones, Office, Java, Adobe Messenger etc.

You only need your security and hardware applications to start.

Post for further instructions if you need them.


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