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    XP hangs on login to Domain


    by steves ·

    I have encountered a problem with XP after connecting it to a domain. It seems to hang after the password has been entered. It moves to the ‘Applying personal settings’ screen and hangs there for about two minutes. If it comes off the domain it seems OK. Can anyone help me with this please?

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      by mwc ·

      In reply to XP hangs on login to Domain

      My experience has shown that upon joining a domain the first time can take a few minutes. If you still experience this after subsequent logins I would look at the domain policies. Are you implememting roaming profiles? If so you may look at the that if configured incorrectly this could cause the problem.

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      Reply To: XP hangs on login to Domain

      by darinr ·

      In reply to XP hangs on login to Domain

      I too have had this problem especially if it is the first time a user logs in .. I do notice it gets better after a few logins.
      It also doesn’t matter where the pc is located in relation to the DC.I have changed various settings but the only one with any effect so far has been ti imrove performance and decrease ‘windows control over prettiness’ in Performance Setings

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      Reply To: XP hangs on login to Domain

      by joshua.stroud ·

      In reply to XP hangs on login to Domain

      If you guys have domains that are using Active Directory, the problem is DNS related. Read on and I’ll explain.

      Windows XP and Windows 2000 require that all shares and other devices be configured at logon. They use DNS as the default active directory locator to do this. They will eventually use NetBIOS, but only after DNS times out for an extended period of time (between 2-5 minutes on average) If the DNS service is not configred correctly or not configured at all on the DC, and the clients are not configured to use the DC as the Primary DNS server, this behavior will continue.

      To fix it, set up the DNS forward lookup zones on the DC. Make sure the only forward lookup zones you use are the domains that you actually serve.

      There will be a forward lookup zone called “.” by default. Delete this zone. If you do not, your clients will not be able to connect to the internet using the DC as the primary DNS, as it will think that it is the DNS server for the entire internet.

      If you have any external servers with the same domain name as your Windows 2000/2003 domain, get their IP addresses and add their host names and IPs to the DNS forward lookup zone for your domain BEFORE you set the primary DNS Server on the clients to the DC, as they will not be able to access these servers if you don’t.

      For info on configuring DNS in Windows Server 2003:;en-us;814591&Product=winxp

      For Windows 2000 Server:;en-us;298448&Product=win2000

      Hope it helps

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      Reply To: XP hangs on login to Domain

      by sedeka2 ·

      In reply to XP hangs on login to Domain

      Hi, If you are using Active Directory and have WINS servers, check the settings for WINS in the network settings. I don’t know if this helps you but it is the only other thing I could think of.

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