XP hangs up at Windows starting up screen with SATA RAID array installed

By trpljmp69 ·
Computer Specs:

4400+ AMD X2 Dual Core Processor
EVGA nForce 4 Motherboard 133-K8-NF41-xx
2 x 1 GB DDR PC3200 400Mhz Crucial RAM
EVGA 256MB 7800GT CO SE PCI-ex
1 x 250GB IDE Maxtor HD (systemroot)
4 x 250GB SATA Maxtor HD (2 sets of striping)
600w Xfinity Power Supply
2 x DVD drives
Floppy Drive
XP Pro with all updated drivers and BIOS

The problem:

2 weeks ago I restarted my computer and I received the message, hard disk failure. I had done nothing other then a typical restart. So I started checking cables and connections and found that my IDE cable was damaged so I replaced it. Upon restarting with the new IDE cable my computer now froze during the "windows is now starting up" screen and wouldn?t move on from there. I decided to start with the bare system minimum required to run and restarted. With just the HD video card, ram and IDE drive I was able to start windows and it was fully functional. I reattached each peripheral piece by piece eventually finding out that I am able to start my computer with all parts connected except 1 RAID array (2 hds) which causes the hang up. This array holds important information that I would like to get back, so I do not want to format the drives. I have tried switching both power and SATA cables of the working drives to the non working drives, and it still hangs up. I have even tried them on another computer and the other computer boots up but the drives show up as 1of the drives with inaccessible files. I am running out of ideas. Can anyone help?

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I solved exactly the same problem

by antonmx In reply to XP hangs up at Windows st ...

Yep... I did it!!

First you will need to login. Do it as follows:

1) Disconnect all drives belonging to your RAID. (I actually just disabled them in the BIOS). Now you will be able to login. If your OS is on the same drive where the RAID is (for example linear RAID, called "spanned" in the windows world) you will need to install a clean copy of the OS to any other drive.

2) Login

3) In the device manager disable all non-os hard disks.

4) shutdown

5) connect your drives back (or simply enable them in the BIOS)

6) Login again (the os will not hung up since the drives were disabled in the device manager)

Now you can start recovery:

7) Enable the drives in the device manager

Google and install one pretty utility called "file scavenger".

9) After starting this utility goto "Advanced" and chose your setup. Try to play a little with the settings - that may help.

10) Recover...

11) Relax...)))

If you do not want to pay for the utility then It's not me who will tell you where to find the cracks...))) Or I could recover 50% of the data from my broken linear raid using Linux liveCD. But you will need to know how to work with command line and utilits like mount, ntfs-3g, fdisk, fsck and others. If you know, then go ahead..))

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