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XP Hard Disk Change

By jjsa07 ·
How can I copy the actual almost full hard disk to a big new one with out having to reinstall the Operating System the Programs and Utilities?

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by willcomp In reply to XP Hard Disk Change

Retail hard drives usually come with a utility that allows you to image your old drive to the new drive. Same software is also available on drive manufacturer's web site for OEM disks. If using manufacturer's utility, stick with Maxtor, Western Digital, or Seagate.

You can also use Norton Ghost to image (copy) one drive to another. Just copying files won't work as you apparently already know.

Ther are other imaging programs and I's sure others will post with them. For average user, I recommend sticking with drive manufacturer's utilities.


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by TheChas In reply to XP Hard Disk Change

If you bought a retail package hard drive, check the CD that came with your new drive.

There should be a disk copy utility.

If you bought a bulk or OEM drive, download the utility from the drive manufactures web site.

Set up your system with the new drive as primary master, old drive as slave.

At boot, enter BIOS setup and set the boot sequence to boot from floppy or CD.

Insert the floppy or CD into the drive.

Save BIOS setting changes and exit.

Follow the on screen prompts to set up your new drive manually.

Unless your motherboard does not detect the full size of the new drive DO NOT install the drive overlay utility.

Partition and format the new drive.

Use the copy utility to copy the old drive onto the new drive.

Exit the utility, remove the floppy or CD.

Shut down the PC, and remove the old hard drive.
Set the jumper on the new drive back to master / single.

See if you can now boot off of the new drive.

You might want to consider using the old drive as a file storage or even a backup drive.


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by power zhu In reply to XP Hard Disk Change

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