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XP has froze-up

By ShelStew ·
I have a Dell Optiplex GX280, when booting up the system it exec the Bios it went through fine. When it openning XP windows it seen to process through, the windows XP logo appear and disappear, but when the screen turn blue it hangs. Try to load with "last known configuration, and still it's a NOGO. What else can be done?

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by XT John In reply to XP has froze-up

Sounds like you getting the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). At that blue screen is cryptic information about what is causing windows to crash. Did you try starting the PC in safe Mode? This will usually indicate an improper driver for an item sucha s a video card. Have you changed any hardware recently? such as a video card? I've seen modems that were damaged by a power surge do this, until the modem was isolated to be the problem and replaced. Write down the information from the BSOD (the numbers listed after the Stop:) and do a Google search to narrow down what may be causing the crash.

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by w2ktechman In reply to XP has froze-up

A service or device is unreachable. It can hang for 1 minute for each. How long did you wait before rebooting?
Try unplugging all external devices (except keyboard, monitor, mouse) and see if it boots up better.
If it does not, it may be a failing HDD (not reading properly) or corrupt files. You can try inserting the XP disk, and running a repair.

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by darts32 In reply to XP has froze-up

Might be a damaged MBR. Try this site for instuctions:

use the fixmbr command in the recovery console to create a Master Boot Record.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP has froze-up

I had a similar problem on one of my workstations the unit would POST and then start the Windows Splash Screen and then reboot.

The problem here turned out to be a bad IDE Controller on the M'Board.

But before you throw away a M'Board download the HDD Makers Drive Testing Utility and test the drive to see if it's still working correctly. If that passes then you need a copy of the Ultimate Boot Cd and do some Diagnostic Testing on the computer. You can get a copy from


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by kimo99 In reply to XP has froze-up

re-install hal.* At least that is what I had to do when my system crashed. I think it's a DLL. What it does, I don't know but pretty close to the kernel I think.

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by paul In reply to XP has froze-up

I bet you have automatic updates enabled and WIndows has updated your video card drivers. Boot in safe mode and roll back the video driver and I am 99% sure it will work again. Don't let Windows decide what to update next time.

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by tibmeister In reply to XP has froze-up

Try swapping out the hard drive and see if there's any difference.

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by Dlloyd In reply to XP has froze-up

if on broadband using the ethernet connecion, disconet ethernet cord, reboot and reload adsl driver then try again, noticed this when it happened to me did the above and it wored ok

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by 500cubes In reply to XP has froze-up

Have you opened up the computer case and checked the mainboard hardware. Quite a few GX270 & GX280 mainboards were constructed with Nichicon HM or HN series capacitors that were contaminated.

Dell Optiplex gx280

Dell Optiplex GX270 & GX280 bad capacitors

PCs plagued by bad capacitors,39051168,39289727,00.htm

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by 0 BadMonkey 0 In reply to XP has froze-up

The Dell diagnostic disk that come with the 280 is a really great tools for figuring out this type of thing. Run the complete diagnostics. It should give you an idea of where to start.

I have worked on Dells since the precision 420 workstations for an agency, covering 400+ stations. The diagnostics disks work well for basic analysis.

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