Xp Home Access Server 2003 Shares

By joea ·
I have a new server install with Server 2003, and I am able to access my Server 2003 shares with Windows XP Pro and Home. XP Pro automatically logs in to the network shares and connects network drives without entering a username and password beyond the first time.

What I want to know is how to make it so XP Home can do the same thing. After any startup for Windows XP Home, the user has to manually try to open and access the share and enter their login info to be able to access the network share. How can I get XP Home to login to the network share automatically on startup?

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If you are using the 2003 Server as a DC

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Xp Home Access Server 200 ...

You can not connect XP Home to the Domain as that is the way things work.

XP Pro is capable of being added to a domain and XP Home the cheaper product is not capable of being added to a domain nore is Media Centre.


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Not DC

by joea In reply to If you are using the 2003 ...

I have it currently set up as a work group with no domains in effect on the network.

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Well in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not DC

If both the XP Pro & Home machines are setup the same way they should connect in the same way.


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NET USE command should do the trick.

by deepsand In reply to Xp Home Access Server 200 ...

The NET USE command allows you to save mappings to computer names, share names, volumes, and device names, such that upon boot, the NET USE mappings previously in use can be automatically restored.

For documentation, see

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Didn't work

by joea In reply to NET USE command should do ...

I've tried all varieties of Net Use and ended up trying to use a login script for the XP Home machine and ended up hitting a brick wall. Net use was able to get connected to the server, just like when I map the network drive in the GUI, but when the computer reboots, the connection is not able to be reinstated until I manually navigate to the server share, attempt to open it, and enter the username and password manually. I even tried "/persistent:yes" which is the default anyway, I think.

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A few points

by deepsand In reply to Didn't work

1) The NET USE command should be executed from a CMD box on the XP Home machine, once only, using the PERSISTENT mode, rather than in a login script.

2) Both the UserName & Password can be specified in the NET USE command.

3) PERSISTENT is not the default. Rather, the default is the value last used.

I've used this command to do precisely what you are attempting, on several mixed networks, to automatically connect XP Home machines to various resources on Win 2K servers, and know of no reason why it should not also work with Win 2K3.

I suspect that it may simply be that you've yet to seize upon the precise command string required; for all its capabilities, NET USE can be an exceedingly frustrating command to master.

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logon to the server (DC) by windows xp home

by tranthechinh In reply to Didn't work

I need logon the server that have ?ntalled as DC by XP home Edition. Can you send me? Help me, help me!!!!!

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2 things.

by deepsand In reply to logon to the server (DC) ...

1) You'll need to provide all of the relevant details re. you problelm; and,

2) You need to start your own "Question," rather than interjecting your's into that of another, which deals with a totally different matter.

Within the "Forums" area, click on "Ask a Question," and post your problem there.

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