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XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW Probs.

By cglrcng ·
On a friend & neighbors e-machines W1700 running Win XP Home (Ugghh!), I am logged on as Administrator (no other users show except Admin & guest on the login page). I can't seem to change (and keep saved), the dial-up settings user password for the dial-up connection. I change it, click OK then Apply, retry the connection, or restart & do the same and an invalid 16 digit password (the actual password is only 8 characters long) is in the dial-up connections window when we try to connect again. We change the password (either on the connection window &/or on the connections settings tab in internet options) & can connect. But each time we cancel & open a new connection, the same thing happens.

Have even tried removing the connection & running the connections wizard again, set's up a new connection and works fine the first time, then bam, that 16 digit password is back as soon as you reconnect a second or subsequent time(s).

Belarc Advisor is showing 4 different logons;(will list them as an additional comment as soon as the XP SP1 update is done)

An administrator, A user (same name), and 2 others. (Is this usual? And can you tell I have not yet made the jump to MS's latest O.S. on my own box? Looking @ this 1 w/XP Home, I just may keep mine dual booting 98/2000 for a while yet!)

Anyone see this problem before or have any good ideas how to accomplish the task? I removed the W32.Bugbear@mm virus along w/ 2 infected non- Windows related program files from this same box a month ago w/ the symantec removal tool. Running updates now (Oh how I just love home computer users who don't even have a clue = 37 avail. XP updates total, 17 of which were critical updates).

Thanx all.

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XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW Probs.

by TraverseTek In reply to XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW ...

OK, so it sounds like this is what happens: You type in the password, then connect successfully. Then, the next time you open the connection, the password window has all those extra dots. At that point, you DON'T try to connect, you just retype the password and repeat the cycle. If that's correct, then here's your answer: everything is fine.

WindowsXP automatically shows a full box of dots, to help thwart would-be password thieves.

Try connecting w/o retyping the password. It shouldwork just fine.

As for the accounts, the extras are probably the RemoteAssistance and Microsoft Support accounts. The first is for allowing others to remotely control your computer, while the second is specifically for MS staff to log into your machine for remote tech support.

Hope that helps, and good luck. :-)


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XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW Probs.

by cglrcng In reply to XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW ...
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XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW Probs.

by cglrcng In reply to XP Home Dial-Up Conn. PW ...

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