XP-home ed. sharing files

By styka401 ·
I'm trying to share files between two computers: one running XP home edition SP 2 (swedish) and one running Win 2000 SP4 (english). I am using the router i use to share my internet connection between the computer to do this.

I am successful in accessing the XP-machine from the W2K but when trying the opposite I get a very non-helpful "Access denied!" message. Both computers are visible in my Network places from both computers. No firewalls are in use and ftp transfer between the computers work in both directions and no matter which computer is the client.

I tried following the tips of
without success.

Anyone with ideas pls let me know


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On the Win2K machine.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to XP-home ed. sharing files

Access Denied means you don't have permission to view the folder/files, even though they've been shared.

So, you need to either add your Windows XP Logon user account (same username and password) to the Win2K share itself or to the OS Login, OR ... from the XP machine to the Win2K machine, map a drive to the share and tell it to use different credentials (your Win2K login) to login to that share and be sure to check the box that says to reconnect at login.

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Not there yet

by styka401 In reply to On the Win2K machine..... ...

thanks so much for the reply! I've tried to do what you are suggesting but I'm still not able to access the WXP machine.

I mapped a drive on the WXP machine to the WXP share and set to use other credentials. Actually I set the login and pwd (pwd is blank though I just realised, could this matter? I'll try this) I use on the W2k machine but still access is denied. Or is it possible to map the drive so that it appears on the W2K machine, is what you mean? Maybe I am having a flash of understanding... That'd be odd because I didn't sleep more than 4 hrs this night, I should be more stupid than usual :)

The first option I don't quite understand. How do I add WXP logon user account to the W2K share. This WXP Home ed does not let me do a lot with the shares on that computer. Is there a click-button I'm missing here or am I working the wrong computer? I tried adding a Guest account with the same pwd as on the WXP to the W2K machine. I then tried accessing the WXP machine from that login. But that didn't work.

Anyway, many thanks. It is very cool that strangers on the net just turn up to help people like me out with more or less boring networking problems.


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