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XP Home hangs during partial install - Must retreive critical data

By ldm02 ·
I temporarily moved critical data and graphic files from a slow Me desktop to a healthy HP Pavilion ze5185 laptop with XP Home Edition for safekeeping. Now, laptop hangs while loading XP Home Edition. F2, F8 & F10 functions work but no options help to complete the process so I can offload the saved files. (I know, I should have backed up to CDs)

Tech at CompUSA offered a 5% chance of recovery noting that any other operating system but XP would be pretty simple. Placing my laptop hard drive into another unit confirmed the drive is okay, the data can be seen but he could not move off more than a couple of files.

Since there is no Book Disk capability within XP and installing an XP Upgrade will erase the hard drive, I plan to download the six XP Setup Disks from Microsoft but am told this will not be sufficient. Incidentally, Microsoft says this is the last offering of boot diskettes for operating systems. Future operating system boots will come from the CD.

My next hope is a new acquaintance that says I can use his device connected to my desktop and make a slave of the ze5185 laptop to retrieve the data.

Any suggestions for getting the XP system running long enough for me to backup to CDs or low/no cost data retrieval will be appreciated.

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Ok first off you would be better off placing this in the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP Home hangs during part ...

Q & A section as whenever someone answeres you're question you get an e-mail generated to tell you that you have a responce.

Now what file system is the XP unit running?

The ME unit obviously has FAT 32 but the XP could have FAT 32 or NTFS and you will be unable to read the drive or move data to an OS which is a native FAT 32.

Now if the drive has a FAT 32 File system you can mount it as a "Slave Drive" in another system with Windows 95-98-ME and download the required files to another HDD or CD/DVD. However if the XP Home unit has a NTFS file system you will require a NT 3.5 or latter or XP workstation to use the LT's HDD as a Slave in and transfer the data across.

If I can be of any more assistance you can contact me at but to be honest as I'm in Australia I'm probably in a different time zone to you and it might take a bit of time in getting a responce so it will probably be faster for you to post the question with all the revelent information as asked above in the Q & A Section as you will most likely get someone in you're time zone who can help you and save you some time.


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There is one other thing to tell us as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ok first off you would be ...

What exactly did you move across and to which folder as there should be nothing that would corupt Win XP unless it involved part of the Windows ME folder or Program Files Folder and even then I would be seriously looking at the Windows ME folder as a starting point otherwise everything should run correctly unless you filled the drive so it has no Page File space available.

Otherwise I can not imange what you managed to transfer across to get into you're current position.

Anyway I hope that helps you with you're current problem but the only way to recover the files cheaply is to use the LT's drive as a slave drive in another computer with the proper file system. Just a hint here if you can gain access to an XP unit it can read both file formats so that would be my choice.

Anyway if I can help you you're welcome to ask whatever questions you wish but you may require an adaptor for the LT's HDD to suit an IDE drive connector but these are cheap and easily got.


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