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XP home internet problem (no messanger)

By simon ·
This is driving me wild, any ideas please...

I have a brand new XP home laptop with an in built WiFi card, I have set up the network as my old laptop ie: IP address, dns etc...

When I try to access any microsoft web site they don't load, (nor does msn, hotmail, real, java), many other sites work fine like techrepublic. I have a DLink WiFi PCMCIA card which I installed and use that for the network connection then they all work? but take the card out and the problem one's don't work again, I have found a few other people with the same problem, but no solutions.

My Son has the same problem, WinXP Pro. I thought IE problem but it cant be as the other card works fine? No idea what it is (I even tried Mozilla but it doesn't work either)

Any ideas please fire them off to me (I even tried re-installing the OS, yep on a brand new computer :-)

Thank you all.

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by BFilmFan In reply to XP home internet problem ...

Has to be a configuration or network driver issue, since you state it works with one card and not the other.

I would say put in a call the card's vendor. Might well be an flash update or driver update available.

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by simon In reply to

I thought this too, but for it to happen to 3 different network cards????

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by Blackcurrant In reply to XP home internet problem ...


As well as the above, have you also compared the DNS settings for each card? Are they the same?

Good luck

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by simon In reply to

I have checked the DNS settings and they are identical, it makes no difference if it's static IP-DNS or dydnamic, has the same results.

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by ReWrite In reply to XP home internet problem ...

Hey simon. With the builtin wifi can you ping the sites by ip? By name?

Go to a command prompt and type ipconfig /all and then do the same for the dlink card. Are there any differences in the settings reported?


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by simon In reply to

gave up in the end so I re-installed the server (ICS) and it works fine, so the problem obviously lay with the server but what I don't know, obviously checked the DNS, firwall etc but nothing seemed to be wrong, but something was, perhaps a bug got though the fire wall. Thank you all for your tips/advice.


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by simon In reply to XP home internet problem ...

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