XP Home Laptop Print to Shared Domain Printer

By dan.getz ·
I have a Windows 2003 server that has a USB printer attached to it. From my Windows XP laptop, I can print fine to the printer as a shared printer. My wife has a Windows XP Home laptop. Short of buying a hardware print server or upgrading her OS, is there a way to allow her to print to the shared printer?

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Hi there.

There are a few options you could do:

1) Set up a wired or Wireless Network between your two laptops, share the printer onto your laptop and then she should be able to access the printer that way.

2) Purchase a wireless Printer Dongle and access it that way.

XP Home doesn't like domains, so you'll have to work-group it to your laptop using an different method to the way you connect to the Server. (IE, if you're connecting to a domain on the server via Wired connection, set up a wireless connection to the laptop) and Vice Versa.

That should hopefully sort out your problem for you without spending a great deal of money.

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by dan.getz In reply to Hi there.

yeah, I was hoping to avoid #1 as it requires my laptop to be plugged in for her to be able to print. #2 is a possibility, though we'll probably just have her unplug the USB cable from the server and plug it into her laptop for the few times that she prints. Was hoping for a free option that I could implement on either her laptop or on the Win 2003 server.

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You can try this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP Home Laptop Print to S ...

This can be accomplished with the free and widely available Xteq X-Setup 6.1 by navigating to the "Network \ Auto Login \ Windows NT/2K/XP \ Settings" option within X-Setup. Simply enter the appropriate information and click "Apply Changes" - upon your next reboot, you can then join domains with WinXP Home Edition. Problem solved. X-Setup includes many other useful Windows XP tweaks / hacks / etc. for Windows XP as well, all free for personal use.

But it's entirely at your own risk as this is something that isn't supposed to be allowed with Home.

While it may work it can also do damage to the OS that may require a reload down the track or something worse so just make sure that the data is regularly backed up.


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by dan.getz In reply to You can try this

thanks. I'll look into this and see.

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Shared printing

by p.j.hutchison In reply to XP Home Laptop Print to S ...

You have a number of options:
1. Create a local account on the serve with same name as account on her machine and add user to printer permissions. or
2. Enable Guest account on the server (not recommended).
3. Enable Everyone in share permissions for the printer to allow to print to that printer.

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It worked!

by dan.getz In reply to Shared printing

I started out with #1, but then deleted the account (so that it became #3) and it worked great. Thanks!

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