Xp Home network share issues

By eliaphil ·
Hi, I have a small home network with xp home acting as the main desktop with a shared folder.A cisco 800 router is used for the hard wired desktop which has attached a belkin 604 wireless router for any wireless users. I am not able to ping or map a drive to the share on the desktop from my laptop. The cisco has an address and acts as the dhcp and gateway to the internet with the belkin set to The laptop is able to get an ip from the router OK and access the internet and thats it. I have recently installed a network printer via IP to the cisco with no problems and can connect to the printer and ping OK.
Am I missing something here....


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by mamies In reply to Xp Home network share iss ...

What is the IP address of the XP Home Machine, Does it fall into the same address range of the machines that are attached to the wireless routers.

Also try disabling the Firewall on the XP Home machine and trying again, you may also need to disable the firewall on one of the Wireless machines aswell.

Also try connect the XP machine to the wireless router through one of the LAN ports and try the above steps again. It may be that the Wireless router is not allowing file sharing to something that is not connected directly to it



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Xp Home network share issues

by eliaphil In reply to Check...

XP home address is, both the belkin, cisco and a printer can be pinged but not the home machine. Have also disabled the firewall on both machines and also included exceptions rule.

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Don't use WAN connetion on Belkin (that's double NAT) and..

by cmatthews In reply to Xp Home network share iss ...

..change its IP to something within the subnet of the 800 (so you can manage the wireless). Then turn off Belkin DHCP and connect one of its ports to the 800. If the Belkin has no auto-mdx (auto media crossover) use crossover cable between them.

This will turn your Belkin into an access point and add 3 more Ethernet ports to your LAN. Now you will find everything will fall into the same subnet as the 800's DHCP will "run the show".

Note some wireless routers may have an access-point mode... If the Belkin has it, use it per manual.

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Xp Home network share issues

by eliaphil In reply to Don't use WAN connetion o ...

I have given the dlink using a crossover cable as the cisoc router has address I am able to access the both router config pages via IE on the laptop. I can tracert and ping laptop address, the cisco IP address, belkin ip address but not the desktop adress of Dhcp range starts at 200.

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Tracert is ICMP ping (with variable time-to-live) check..

by cmatthews In reply to Xp Home network share iss ...

..the firewall settings on the desktop (under advanced settings, ICMP tab.

I think you're getting close to working this out.

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Simple File Sharing

by dark_angel_6 In reply to Xp Home network share iss ...

In my experience windows XP's "Simple File Sharing" can cause enormous headaches when networking with XP home. Have you tried turning this off?

If you're not sure whether it is on or not, open an explorer window (My Computer or something similar), Then go to "Tools" and "Folder Options" on the menu. Select the "View" tab and under "Advanced", scroll right to the bottom of the page and untick "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)".

I can't tell you how many times unticking this one little box has fixed issues that have completely stumped everyone involved.

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