XP Home: shared folders not accessible in network neighborhood

By asdfasdfasdfassdf ·
I have a wired home network with 6 computers attached. Recently one computer has refused to share its folders, having previously done so with no problems. It will connect to internet fine through router and will view intranet pages on other networked computers, but does not even acknowledge computers in same workgroup on network neighborhood, will not open other computers on the network in either the format "\\ComputerName" or "\\". Most surprisingly it does not even acknowledge itself in network neighborhood and when I try to access it through "\\ComputerName" it displays the shared folders, but gives a denied message when I try to open them. This also occurs if I attempt to access this computer or its shared folder from any of the other computers

Could it be that a service is not running that should be?

Very grateful for any help....

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Just FYI

by Geo.Howard In reply to XP Home: shared folders n ...

It's a good place to start... Go through the walk through and recheck all of your settings.

It may very well be Malware or another program accessing the same port too though.

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Finally solved!!

by asdfasdfasdfassdf In reply to XP Home: shared folders n ...

After hours of fruitless research I have found the cause of it. A program (or perhaps malware) on my computer had deleted the default value "\Device\" from HKLM\System\CurrentControlset\Services\NetBT\Parameters\TransportBindName

From my research, apparently deleting this default value disables port 445 which Netbios uses for sharing.

So to resolve add the value "\Device\" to the key.

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