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XP - HP Printer Problems

By goodlettebay ·
I have a 3320 HP Inkjet. It prints fine, usually, the first job I give it. After that, it hagns up (when I give it more jobs). I cannot cancel the jobs in the queue, and when I try to restart the comp it usually locks up. I (hard) power down and then restart the comp and the printer finishes the second job, but it is unreadable boxes. I have tried to restart/start the printer spooling service in Comp. Mang. in XP and the OS cannot communicate with the printer. I have the lastest drivers as well. Also, when the printer hangs, I try to cancel the hpxxx.exe program in the task mngr, but it won't kill the job. And, I have tried unplugging the USB, and power on the printer for a few minutes. However, that still doesn't clear the queue, and upon a restart it spits out garbage.
Any one know what is going on?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP - HP Printer Problems

When you send any print jobs to the printer you should see a printer icon on the Task Bar which you double click on to get into the print Que. From here you can delete any print jobs that are waiting to print.

If you installed the drivers properly it's time to give HP a ring to get your printer changed under their Warranty Service as they do not repair anything but bin it and give you a new one which is great while UG but a real problem once it is no longer covered.

If it is out of guarantee I would just trash it and buy a Canon with individual ink tanks something like the Ip 3000 these are cheap to buy initially and even cheaper to run per page printed as you only have to replace the empty Ink Tank as they run out.

Lets know how you get on and if the problem has only started with the latest drivers maybe it would be worth while reverting back to earlier drivers.

What happened before this problem started? Did you patch the system or add some new software it would be useful to know.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

You could also try disconnecting any USB devices and removing all the USB hubs in the Control Pannel and then reboot Windows so that it can reload the drivers for the USB Hubs which may have become corrupted some where along the line.

If you have drivers provided by the maker of the M'Board or computer I would try these first when it comes to reinstalling but Windows should install something that works properly anyway if you do not have drivers for the USB Hubs on the M'Board.

Of course after this you will have to reinstall the printer river and any other USB devices you may have.

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