XP in serious trouble after installing a Sony software

By pettitkelly ·
Hello. Hope I'm posting in the right forum.
My computer is about 16 months old.
Yesterday I tried to install a Sony software that came with their handycam (HDD video camera). After restarting my computer, nothing was right.
- when I log into my user account and it loads everything up, I get an error that reads "Application failed to initialize: 0x800106ba. A problem caused this programs service to stop.
-If I log into my other authorized user account I also get error code 5009
1) no matter what I do (including using key short cuts) can I access or find my blue task bar and start up.
2) I thought maybe a "restore" could help but I can't get to my control room to do it.
3) Can't access the internet. Firefox loads up but no internet access. Explore appears for a split second like lightening before it's gone again when I click on it.
4) None of my other softwares will run.]
5) I can get Ctrl Alt Delete and try to restart or turn off my computer there but when my computer never shuts down. It gets to "Saving your settings" and remains there.
6)Can't transfer files from C drive to external drive or partition.
7) I do have the XP CD that came with my computer. I believe it is SP2.
I ran spybot but it did nothing. I have a couple other spyware softs but they wouln't even open.
9) strangley my screen background picture is still there.
Basically my computer appears to have a virus or something?
I'm tempted to try a "repair" using my CD but I am really worried about losing some of my other softwares by doing so. If it will help at all, I am not suer.

Can anyone out there save my PC?
Thanks in advance.

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Have you booted into Safe Mode...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to XP in serious trouble aft ...

and tried to uninstall the software that way?

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Did you check the system requirements?

by sbelsky In reply to Have you booted into Safe ...


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This must be an errant post...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Did you check the system ...

Because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with this old thread.

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Try recovery in Safe Mode

by nepenthe0 In reply to XP in serious trouble aft ...

You can boot into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key during the early boot phase (POST = Powered On Self Test). The Safe Mode menu will include:

Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)

Select this with your keyboard arrow keys, then hit Enter.

While in Safe Mode, you can transfer data files to a CD for safekeeping, should you eventually have to reinstall/repair the operating system.

Theoretically, your applications will not be corrupted by running the recovery CD in repair mode. However, you must be prepared to reinstall your applications.

Once you have recovered from this crash, think about investing in imaging software such as Norton Ghost:

Ghost will write an image file to an external hard drive at the phenomenal rate of 1-2GB/min, and you can recover your computer just as fast should disaster strike.

Rick/Portland, OR

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