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    XP initial setup for a NT 4 Server


    by murray ·

    Hi there

    My problem is this….

    I have purchased a WINXP PC and i am ready to install it ready to configure to the NEtwok which is WIN NT 4.0

    It is a Dell PC with the OEM WINXP so i take it out of the box and set it a;ll up and then away we go …. it asks for a password which i give and then the fun starts.

    After it goes thru all the steps and finishes i then want to configure the PC to see the server.

    I want it to be a local user but i want it to join our domain and not be a member of the workggroup – if it is a member of the workgroup when i click on network neighbourhood and select explore i see two verisons of the pc’s currently connected to the server…

    Should i creat a local user and do what >???? i have tried all soloutions but even if give this local user what i think are admin rights to the local machine – the only way i can go and modify files is to log this user off and log on as the administrator make the changes and then log back on as the local user

    What have i done wrong ?

    when i go control panel there is only the user i create and the guest showing in the accounts.

    If i am logged on as the local user and attached to the domain i cannot access some of the software that is on the pc but as the administrator i can see all and use all – even to the extent of saving to the root of c:\ which i am unable to do as the user.


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