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xp install cyclic redundancy check

By drwho7 ·
While upgrading from xp home to xp pro, I get a fatal error called Data Error "cyclic redundancy check".

Then it goes on to say that the CD is bad or clean disc,.... Installation failed \I386\asms. Error message.

So I thought perhaps it was the CD so I returned the CD and got another one, but I got the same exact error. Is there any TSR I can turn off??
Help?? By the way I am installing this on a laptop
more specifically an HP Pavilion ze4500.

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Is it a Read or Write CRC?

by areets In reply to xp install cyclic redunda ...
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read or write crc

by drwho7 In reply to Is it a Read or Write CRC ...

Good question, in which I don't know the answer to, I wrote the error down verbatim, but it doesn't say anywhere if it is a read or write.

Do you know where I could find out?

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by djent In reply to xp install cyclic redunda ...

Sounds like a flakey CD drive.

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Flakey CD Drive

by drwho7 In reply to

I thought of that to, but then why when I do a restore of the xp home operating system, it doesn't flawlessly?

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by djent In reply to Flakey CD Drive

You can check and validate the hard drive integrity, that leaves read errors. Not all CDs are created equal, some are harder to read then others. Your CD drive may be having problems reading this disk.

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Faulty CD Drive

by drwho7 In reply to

hmm.. Interesting, but I did return the xp upgrade cd for a new one, and I still got the same error reading the same file, that is why I think it may be a tsr problem, do you know of any processes that I linked to a file called asms??

Or another theory I have is that the first disc I got was bad but the second one may be okay, and that file is corrupt on the hard drive, maybe I will try doing a restore then deleting that file if I can find it, and then doing the upgrade.

Thanks for your help

I will let you know the outcome

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by djent In reply to Faulty CD Drive

You might consider wiping the drive and do a fresh install. Upgrades are often messey, why carry over cruddy reg files and old flotsum.

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Update from XP H to XP Pro

by voldar In reply to xp install cyclic redunda ...

My advice - don't perform an upgrade - start a new clean installation. This kind of error you receive when hardware components are not well recognized. There is no problem with your CD-ROM or CD. Just start a clean installation.

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Problem Solved

by drwho7 In reply to xp install cyclic redunda ...

Thank you everyone for your help. I thought I would update everyone on how I got around the problem.

I took under advisement the flakey cd drive, and I thought about it for awhile, and I thought I would restore the original xp home edition, then do an upgrade to xp professional by using an external cd rewritable drive. And much to my amazement it worked.

The reason I didn't do full version upgrade from scratch was because my client wanted to keep the software that came with his brand new computer. So he wanted me to try everything I could think of before doing that.

My speculation is that it is somehow copy protected from hp in away that it doesn't want an upgrade. Perhaps it is because of the price differental when looking at laptops with xp home and xp professional. However, that is only my guess. I have to rule out cd-drive flakiness because it bombed in exactly the same place everytime in the internal cd. Does anyone else have any other explanations??

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