XP Install hangs at 33mins options

By wesmeador ·
I'm currently having a problem upgrading Win2k Pro to XP Pro with the 'installing devices' hanging at 33 mins and I was wondering if there was a way to cancel and rollback the upgrade?

My problem seems to revolve around SCSI drives and the error message I eventually get (after a couple of hours) is 'Unable to load installer for TapeController. Contact your hardware vendor)'.
Of course, I don't have a TapeController and only have 2 cards in my machine: a SCSI controller and and AGP Video card (both of which I updated to the latest drivers before starting the upgrade). I've also tried removing the DVD drive leaving only 1 CD/RW and the hard drives.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you run a pre-install upgrade check for compatibility?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to XP Install hangs at 33min ...

There is a winnt32 /checkupgradeonly switch that will run a pre XP upgrade compatibility check of all hardware/software to ensure that the machine will run properly with XP. At this point, since you started the install and are already in the Graphical portion, I don't think you can roll back at this point unless you chose to install XP in its own separate partition, creating a dual-boot system. You'd have to find the appropriate device drivers for the components that aren't being picked up during install of XP, but what you should do is remove those components for now to allow XP to install with the bare minimum hardware needed to run. Once XP is installed and running, add those other components back in and provide the proper XP device driver for them.

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by wesmeador In reply to XP Install hangs at 33min ...

Yes I did, twice. I even downloaded the latest drivers for both the SCSI card and the video card (both were for 2k and xp). It turns out the problem was the new driver.

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