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XP install problem - keyboard

By bbbb ·
I use the xp cd to boot up the pc. It is ok. After a few second, when the screen come out to ask me - are you sure to install XP? Pass "enter" if the answer is sure-. My p/s 2 keyboard cannot work. It is still happen even I use another p/s 2 keyboard. But it has no problem for win 2k for the same mother board. My mother board is ASUS P4R800VML. 2x 256 mb Corsair DDr400 ram


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by CG IT In reply to XP install problem - keyb ...

humm if you don't get a halt no keyboard present during the bootup process enter your BIOS and see if under intergrated peripherals/USB keyboard support is enabled. if so disable it. Also check PnP O/S support is enabled.if not enable it. If one of your friends has a 104 generic keyboard try that one.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP install problem - keyb ...

no ps2 keyboard will work? but will with win2k? i never heard of that one. sounds like you need better/debugged motherboard bios support for winxp? and motherboard drivers? probably are up to the latest greatest bios version, yes? i would contact mboard mfg with this one. cuz i know you wouldn't be happy to just put a usb keyboard on there...

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by pctech In reply to XP install problem - keyb ...

PS/2 ports are on protected circuits. Should you plug in or unplug a keyboard or a mouse with the system powered, you stand a very good chance of blowing the circuit. Some motherboards have fuses on these circuits and can be replaced. Some do not. You can also check for a dirty PS/2 port. Use a canister vacuum cleaner and see if you can suck out any dust or lint from the port. Also check the pins on the keyboard connector and assure that you do not have any bent pins. This is not likely since it works on another computer.

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