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xp install reboot loop at “install

By guobe ·
Here’s the situation: I am trying to upgrade to xp pro to xp pro (sounds kinda funky, but that’s what you have to do to change motherboards with xp) I fight through all the hassles and troubles that xp gives me, It starts installing devices, and just as the light at the end of the tunnel seems within reach ... my computer reboots. I’m sitting here ... “what the heck?” and sat thought the install again... it gets to the “installing devices” screen againand reboots. After a few times I get bored, look for a fix and then, after finding none, come to you guys for help.

2.0 xp+ Athlon
KT 333 Dragon Light
80 gig Western Digital
Radeon 8500
256 megs Crucial ddr

Rebooting (many times)
Replacing ram and video card

I‘m ‘bout to give up on xp and use 98... PLEASE HELP!

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xp install reboot loop at “install

by TheChas In reply to xp install reboot loop at ...

First, you shouldn't need to re-install XP in order to swap motherboards.

You do need to do a few things to prevent an Activation Event.
1. Use the same Hard drive
2. Use the same network card.
3. Start out with the same amount of RAM.
4.Start out with the same video card.

Then, just before you shut down the system for the last time with the old motherboard, do to device manager, and remove ALL motherboard resources listed.

Then, XP should just install the new motherboards devices and have you up and running.
Wait a few days before making any hardware changes, and you should be okay.

Now, for your situation,
I am afraid that you have either Windows files, or the registry corrupted beyond easy repair.

You best option will be to wipe the drive, (at least the Windows files) and start over from scratch.

Yes, XP will not be able to auto-activate, but Microsoft has been reasonable on handing out new activation codes over the phone.

And yes, you will need to re-install all aplication programs and updates.


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xp install reboot loop at “install

by guobe In reply to xp install reboot loop at ...

I used my old motherboard, finished the reinstall and tried what you said. When I put in the new motherboard and booted up, it came up with a blue screen of death error. (This is my original reason for reinstalling xp pro. It is supposed to fix that) I then retried reinstalling xp pro. This time instead of looping i came up with “Stop 0x00000077 or KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR” I looked that up and it looks like it might be a problem with a faulty motherboard. I have a cloned hard drive, so I am going to use with my original configuration for now. If anyone can think of another reason for the ERROR, please tell me. (I have tested the processor, ram, and graphics card, and turned off caching/shadowing).
All I want to do is upgrade my motherboard ... I think I need to either test the board with 98, or return it or something ... thanks for the idea though.

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xp install reboot loop at “install

by guobe In reply to xp install reboot loop at ...

My mobo has no mojo!!!!!!

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