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XP installation

By whtever ·
My computer was running ME. These are the specifications of it:
Processor: Celeron
Speed: 950mhz
Memory: 128
Cache Ram 128KB

I did a clean install of XP Professional on a PC and XP did install. When it boots up it shows the XP screen then the monitor goes black and nothing else happens. It does not respond to any keyboard commands. Any idea what's going on?

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by TheChas In reply to XP installation

While workable, you should add more RAM for XP.

From the description of your problem, I suspect that you have either an older monitor, or your video drivers are not properly installed.

The default refresh rate that XP uses is not supported by some older monitors.

Borrow a newer or different monitor and see if you get video.

If so, install the drivers for your video adapter and that should take care of things.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to XP installation

Try starting the winXP in VGA MODE.
Push the F8 button when start the OS, and go to VGA MODE menu. this will be 640 X 480 resolution and must work. After try to select a working resolution for your monitor.

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by pctechmike In reply to XP installation

Did you check the HCL and verify all your hardware was listed? It sounds like you have a driver issue. I would try booting into safe mode, by pressing F8 while the computer is booting. If you are able to get past the Windows XP logo screen, then it's a driver issue. Does your version of Windows have SP2 included? If so, try uninstalling SP2 in safe mode, and reboot. SP2 has been known to cause problems with certain hardware.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP installation

i agree video driver. i searched mskb for winxp 'boot hang' and found several, this is the one i bet is for you:
it says Windows hangs because it is trying to load an incompatible agp driver and has easy instructions for renaming the agp440.sys driver file so windows can't load it. i have done this myself and it works a treat.
you could slap in pci/another mfg/model plain vanilla video card and probably see it work if this is the problem, or you could do a step by step confirmation boot option then you will see which driver it is hanging on loading driver betcha...
ps i routinely install the Recovery Console now in any xp boxes i get my hands on....
Problems when Windows XP tries to load the Agp440.sys service;en-us;324764

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by victor.vijandaran In reply to XP installation

The monitor goes blank because your monitor does not support higher frequency (e.g. 80-85hz). In this case, go into safe mode and try to reduce the frequency to 60hz. If it still doesn't work, try borrowing a new monitor, set the resolution n set the frequency lower and change back to you exisiting monitor.

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by NormH3 In reply to XP installation

Although probably not causing your problem (I would agree with the others mentioning video) I wouldn't try to run XP with anything less than 256mb ram. 512mb would be nice, but I have run XP pro on a 366mhz PII laptop with 256mb ram without issue. What I would do is go to the manufacture's web site and see if there isn't a newer bios and/or drivers available for your unit. You may find that other devices (like USB) aren't working quite right without a bios flash. Good luck!

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