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    XP installation


    by oswaldsherwood ·

    After replacing a hard drive on a dell optiplex g400. I tried installing xp.The setup runs and the pc reboots after the first stage but thenthe msge appears ‘press any key to reboot from cd’.
    If this done the installation starts all over again..Whats up with that??

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      by dmiles ·

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      Use a Windows startup disk to load the system files and cd rom drivers,then start installation from the beginning or open bios setup and choose the cd rom as the first boot drive,then run setup

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      by willcomp ·

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      Either remove CD after setup finishes copying files or don’t press a key during restart. Pressing a key boots from Cd and restarts setup.


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      by parvus1202 ·

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      Well, then don’t press any key on first reboot. Wait untill it says installation complete. Or wait when you are on normal XP screen with my computer, bin, my documents are all there, then remove the cd. But don’t forget to install drivers for motherboard.

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