XP installation "operator error"

By ofdcc ·
I thought installing a copy of winXP Pro on a new HD in my DELL Dimension
3000 would be a piece of cake. It came with XP Home. I could'nt have been
more wrong. Now I know what "proprietary" really means. I discovered that
none of the drivers or utilities would work with Pro, and not wanting to
deal with DELL support, I tried, unsuccessfully, to uninstall it myself.
After not being able to uninstall, I tried loading XP Home on top of Pro.
I thought the install would give me the option to delete the partition
and format the drive. I recieved an error message stating that XP Home
could not replace XP Pro. I then installed the Recovery Console and tried
to run osuninst.exe at the command prompt, but recieved the message
"setup cannot uninstall win XP because the necessary registration
information is missing". If anyone would care to give me hand with this,
I would be eternally greatful.
Thanks, paul H

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OK this isn't quite so bad

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP installation "operator ...

Dell has a web site where you can download the drivers from. But first you need to get a working computer so you can access the Internet to download the necessary drivers as you are posting here I'm assuming that you have access to something that will do this job.

Now if you really want to try XP Home over XP Pro you can by wiping the HDD with a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke available here


Whatever you have an OEM copy of I really would suggest that you use as that has more drivers on it than the Slipstreamed Recovery CD that come with prebuilt systems.

After running Boot & Nuke which writes zero's to every sector of the HDD you can install anything that you want as to the installer it will appear that you have a new unused HDD.

But if you have the XP Home Recovery CD for this machine you can use that to install Home from after wiping the HDD and then use the XP Pro to perform an in place Install by following the directions here


This will save you the need to track down & install all of the Dell Drivers but at the same time allow you to install Pro over Home and still have all your installed software working properly.

However if you want to preserve with the Pro install the Driver DBase from Dell is here


The Dell Drivers are located here but you'll need to find out what is actually installed in your system as Dell seems to have a lot of available drivers. You may be able to refine the search by entering the serial number and then just see what Drivers you actually need. Don't forget any M'Board Drivers either as the Default drivers installed may not be the best available but all that is available to the Windows Installer.

Lets know if you want any help.


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