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XP Installation STOP ERROR

By emmykal2000 ·
I have been experiencing rather a difficult kind of situation.
I have a Compaq Presario clone laptop computer that has been running perfectly. As i was working, it restarted on its own and the next thing it was showing me was the BSOD...Memory Dump. I tried to repair XP, but to no avail.
I formatted the HDD, tried a new XP installation but still no progress. I installed Win 98 SE, it worked!!!
What is strange is that,I can perfectly install Windows 98 and it is running well. But for Windows 2000 and above, it is showing the BSOD.

It is showing the FAILED TO READ PAGE ERROR.

Before it crashed, i had mounted an image to the DVD RAM drive ( can this contribute to the problem??)

Please help, i will really appreciate any assistance that will come forth.

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The cause of your "bsod" could be a sign that your harddrive is begining to fail. I usally get rid of it "windows software" by installing a linux boot disk "ubuntu" and then run (load) windows again, it should get rid of a virus or whatever was there in the first place. Installing a linux boot disk makes your harddrive fresh for windows.

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Paging errors are usually a sign of bad RAM chips

by Why Me Worry? In reply to XP Installation STOP ERRO ...

Realize that Windows XP like NT uses a HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and is very picky about bad hardware, especially RAM. Windows 98 would let you get away with it, but the HAL isn't as forgiving. Have your RAM checked out because it sounds like it is going south.

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by BALTHOR In reply to XP Installation STOP ERRO ...

You could try a full hard drive erase.The WebRoot program Window Washer has a utility section that will make a bootable erase CD.Another fix is rather techy.The BIOS reset jumper has to be moved to clear the CMOS then back.Removing the BIOS battery then replacing it might accomplish the same.The reset jumper is like a magic fix for all sorts of boot up problems.A BIOS "restore to defaults" might work also.Power off and machine unplugged first!This will reset all BIOS settings to their default.Shutting off EXECUTE DISABLE might solve the Blue screen problem.(Your problem is a rather specific virus---I have the Award,Phoenix,Amibios,Intel,and AMD files as virus files.Virus scanning programs have to scan for virus in the BIOS.Every memory address in the computer has to be scanned.)

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