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XP Installation w/ Abit BE6 Motherboard

By Bob McLellan ·
Can you help. I am trying to install Windows XP as an Upgrade to Win 98 on a computer with an Abit BE6 Motherboard and keep getting an error message:

Setup found some issues that will prevent you from upgrading your Windows installation. You must fix all of these issues before you can upgrade to Windows XP.

Unsupported Hardware Configuration
Your computer has hardware devices that prohibit you from upgrading to Windows XP.

Highpoint HPT366 Ultra DMA Controller"I have an Abit BE6 motherboard. I have read lots of articles on the internet offering the following two suggestions, neither of which work:

1. "Press F6 during setup to install with alternate drivers." I never get the option to install with alternate drivers. My setup immediately launches into a system compatibility check, finding the above issue. It then exits me from setup.

2. "Install the hard drive on the IDE controller instead of the Ultra DMA controller." I have done this, and when the computer boots, the BIOS tells me that the HPT366 BIOS is not installed. The Windows XP compatibility check, launched when I run setup, however, still returns with the above message and exits.

Do I need to install XP as a new installationinstead of an upgrade? Or, do I need to go through the Control Panel and remove the HPT366 controller driver from Windows? Or, is there an install command line option that will skip the compatibility check? Or am I missing something else?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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XP Installation w/ Abit BE6 Motherboard

by TheChas In reply to XP Installation w/ Abit B ...

High Point does not support the HPT366 chip for XP.

Your options are:

Un-install the HPT controller in device manager.
Shut down.
Connect the hard drive as the Primary Master IDE drive.
Install XP

Install a PCI IDE card that has XP drivers.

Even if you perform a 'clean' install of XP, you will not be able to use the HPT366 controller.


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XP Installation w/ Abit BE6 Motherboard

by Bob McLellan In reply to XP Installation w/ Abit B ...

I ended up struggling through and was able to finally get XP running and recognizing the HPT366 controller. I was fortunate enough to have 2 hard drives, each with enough capacity for my entire contents. So, here's what I did:

1. Copy contentsof D onto C.
2. Reinstall any software that was using both drives so that all software would run entirely on C.
3. Copy image of C to D.
4. Move C to the IDE controller and reformat. (Had to reformat to make bootable.)
5. Copy image of D onto C.
6. Disconnect D.
7. Boot Windows on C. Uninstall the HPT366 drivers from the Hardware Manager. Ignore Windows prompt to re-start system. (re-starting results in "New Hardware Found. Now installing drivers." and HPT 366 back in the system.
8. Install WIN XP upgrade.
9. Install Win 2000 drivers for HPT 366.

Now the computer runs Win XP from C and recognizes the D drive on the HPT366 controller. I can also set my BIOS so that the BIOS ignores the C drive and I boot into Win 98 on the D drive.

All this only took me about 30 hours of effort to get working!

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XP Installation w/ Abit BE6 Motherboard

by Bob McLellan In reply to XP Installation w/ Abit B ...

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